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Hog Hunting Meeting Fri, August 12th, Crossville 
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Post Hog Hunting Meeting Fri, August 12th, Crossville
There is a meeting Friday August 12th concerning TWRA canceling all wild hog hunting in Tennessee.

Meeting Info:
Friday August 12th, 6:00pm Central
Cumberland Mountain State Park, Crossville, Tennessee

Bring a friend, the TWRA will be there

Call with any questions (931)303-5594

Take Interstate 40-East from Nashville, West from Knoxville-Exit on #317. Travel south on US Hwy 127 for 9 miles, park entrance is on the right.

Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:42 pm
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Post Re: Hog Hunting Meeting Fri, August 12th, Crossville
Just getting in from the meeting. I think it went well considering the anger and frustration many people are feeling. Everyone was pretty much in control except maybe one guy that I don't think quite grasped the details of the law.

We had around 600 people show up, so many that there were a lot of people that couldn't even get in the building!

Saw several people I knew and meet a LOT of new people. LOTS of GREAT folks there and I am proud to have been part of the process of trying to get this turned around.

I will try to do a minutes of the meeting tomorrow but I am going to NWTF's jake day at Caryonah Hunting Lodge so it may be Sunday before I get it posted....

Again, it was great meeting you guys and gals and looking forward to future meetings with you.


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After a lot of thought I am not really sure how to go about doing justice to a "Minutes of the Meeting" for a meeting that went on for 3 hours. So, I will start with a bit about some of the folks that are involved.

If I misspell or get anyone's name wrong, or for those my old brain can't remember I apologize in advance, and don't hesitate to provide me with corrections.

The most important people there wee the 600+ people that showed up in support of hog hunting. Obviously I couldn't begin to name them all, but without them this could not have happened.

TWRA Representatives present: (L-R)

John Mayor - TWRA
Kirk Miles - Region III Wildlife Program Manager
Ben Layton - Wildlife Manager Region III
Daryl Ratajczak - Chief Wildlife & Forestery
Steven Patrick - Assistant Director
?? - TWRA

Also present for the TWRA were Dan Hicks and a 1/2 dozen or so Game Wardens

Hunters: (L-R)
David Williams - Plott Hunters
Vance Bivens - Tellico Mtn Bear & Boar Club
Chris Henderson - Tellico Mtn Bear & Boar Club
Patrick Garrison - Tennessee hunters Network
Todd Ratermann - Tennessee hunters Network

Other notable attendees were State Representative John Mark Windle and Lacy Upchurch with the Tennessee Farm Bureau

Some of the facts that came out at the meeting:

60 hogs have been trapped since June 18th
41 of those hogs have been tested by the USDA. Four ()4 tested positive for brucellosis and zero (0) tested positive for pseudorabies

80 exemptions have been issued so far in region III

Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:44 pm

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Post Re: Hog Hunting Meeting Fri, August 12th, Crossville
The meeting Friday night did a great job of showing the TWRA officials a real life portrait of the "resistance" they mentioned, expecting to encounter. Despite some argumenative discussion, alot of key points were brought to the table.
The TWRA explained the need for these drasitc changes by showing how areas had hog populations that could only have developed by transinfusion. Chris Henderson shot this theory down immediatley with Data comparing the two known cases of individuals releasing hogs, compared to the however many thousand hogs that have been transported and released by the TWRA.

The TWRA officials admitted not taking hunter input into consideration with these changes, and insisted the plan would work based on a similar process done in Kansas. The indepth studies of the TWRA were discredited completley with supplied studies from nearly every speaker, showing the drastic differances between TN and KS in hog populations, terrain, and public input. It was proven that Kansas first recognized the most effective way to aid their hog problem was to hire professional houndsmen to kill the hogs with the use of dogs. Kansas chose not to use this method because there were no hound hunters in the area, and hiring people in, would be at too great of an expence. The meeting room rang out with " I will kill them for free" replies.

TWRA officials noted the hog populations are spreading from South Cherokee. They explained the year around open season on hogs in the counties joining South Cherokee hadn't made a noticible differance in controling the spread of wild hogs, so the season was closed in order to attempt this new method. I countered this theory by the fact that hunting with hounds is the most effective way to take hogs, and that while the counties were open to year around taking of hogs, only seven days were allowed to use dogs. This compiled with the fact that checking out harvested swine wasn't required, proved there was no way to document the effectiveness of the year around season, and proved a longer amount of time to take these animals with dogs will make a substancial differance.

The population spread in the plateau area was also proven stastically to be from TWRA infusing hogs into Catoosa, instead of hunters tossing hogs out of their windows on their way to work. The population increase in Catoosa was explained by the "peoples" spokespersons to be due to only having three days to harvest hogs with the use of dogs. Fact based data was also provided to show the effectiveness of the kill totals during this three day hunt. The TWRA stated they were always willing to take in public input when adjusting their seasons, but they had never had a request for longer dog hunt days. The room soon filled up with "hog wash" comments from the crowd. It was explained that the Cherokee Houndsmen asked for a two month season open only on weekends in Jan. and Feb to allow hunters to take hogs with dogs. The TWRA denied ever hearing this request. The denies were challenged by giving them the specific name of the person that made the proposal in the May meeting, but knowlege of this was still denied. The TWRA said they wanted to find a good middle ground in regards to dog hunting in Catoosa. When asked how going from three days to 0, was middle ground, they had no further response. When asked what would be wrong with opening Catoosa to hunt hogs with dogs in Jan. and Feb., there was no response.

To keep this from looking like a book, I will end by adding that Kurt Miles and Daryl Ratajczak of the TWRA told me personally they understand the concerns we raised, and gave me their word they will stand behind us to promote a reasonable "compromise" ammendment to the TWRC. I believe these two men will, and I will also note the regulation changes were made over their head. Steve Patrick of the TWRA is obviously our strongest opposition, and he has no plans of changing a thing about these new regulations.

I would also like to thank the represenative from the Farm Bureau for explaining to the TWRA the erradication of hogs to protect tennessee farm lands would be much more effective with the use of hounds.

Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:39 pm

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Post Re: Hog Hunting Meeting Fri, August 12th, Crossville
I was also honored to be able to participate in this meeting. I think everyone, including the TWRA, knows that we are more capable of dealing with the hog situation than they are. The fact that they are averaging killing less than one hog per day in Catoosa while the dogs hunters of this state averaged 13 per day in sub 20 degree weather tells you everything you need to know.

I appreciate everyone attending this meeting. We stopped counting people at 650. This is just the beginning and we need to carry this momentum on in our future fight for our rights. We need to put the pressure on the commisioners and especially the legislators. Most of the TWRC have numbers and email addresses available at this link:
Let them know how you feel about this hog program. I am not very confident that the TWRA members in attendance will pass along all of our sentiments to the commision on the 24th. You know what they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself. If you are able to attend the meeting in Kingsport it would be great. Since many of us have to work in the middle of the day in the middle of the week and don't have that flexibility, we can tell them ahead of time by calling and emailing.

Chris Henderson

Mon Aug 15, 2011 3:19 pm
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